Temples of Light

These Temples of Light are connected to the etheric temples of the ancient spiritual sites.  They exist on the higher planes/dimensions. 

The etheric temple serves as the blueprint template for the physical temples that existing in our 3-dimensions. 

Each of these miniature models created is connected to the original etheric temple through our unique creation process.  They stream through the higher dimensional vibrations and energies, anchoring them in this physical reality that higher vibrations of the original etheric temples.

They allow the energy of the higher dimensional etheric temples to stream into our space time reality, to assist us in our spiritual journey.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Today, the Great Pyramid is out of alignment to the stars due to the earth shifts.  It is shifted out of alignment to the etheric temple of light that exist on the etheric plane. Using this model you are able to reconnect to the etheric temple’s higher dimensional energy. This pyramid connects to the inner earth Amenti as well as the star gates to Orion and Sirius.

To use this pyramid, you would sit and meditate with the model in your hand and set the intent to connect to the etheric temple of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Allow the pyramid’s vibration to stream into your body, mind and spirit.  Allow the vibrations to initial you into the higher realm of awareness.

“I am the architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza. I have created this temple to anchor the light and vibrations of  Orion, Mintaka onto Earth, to assist in the awakening of humanity collectively as well as to empower the individual seeker to reconnect themselves to the stars above.  This physical temple model is connected to the Great Pyramid during the golden age of the “Egyptian” Culture. It will assist you in your meditation, astral travels, align your chakras and light bodies. It also serve to connect you to the inner earth Amenti. You will ground these higher vibrations into your physical being.

You can place the the pyramid model on your altar to anchor the energy into your living space. It will raise the vibrations of your home and create a constant stream of higher conscious activation for the occupants in your house.

I am happy to assist you if you choose to connect to me in your meditations.

Children of light, I wish you a pleasant journey of awakening and being.”

Dimensions: 1 1/2”  x  1 1/2”  x 1”

Price : $150

The Pyramid of Chichen Itza

In the book Serpent of Light, Dunvalo Melchizedek shared the Great Pyramid in Egypt channels the energy of the mind(male) aspect of the Unity Consciousness Grid, Chichen Itza channels the energy of the heart(female) aspect.

This pyramid holds the vibration of the heart, it nourishes the heart chakra. If fills you with divine feminine energy. The temple is a sacred ground for rituals to clear matters of the heart. Now you can use this pyramid to clear the blockages in your emotional body and the soft vibration of the pyramid will realign you to your divine self.

It is a place where the heart sings.  If you sit and listen to this pyramid, you will heart the heart beat of the earth. It will soothe your soul and calm your being.  This temple is connected to the Pleiades, it serve as a star gate to the Pleiades.

Dimensions: 1 1/2”  x  1 1/2”  x 1”

Price : $150

Wei Mok | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Reconnection | Quantum Touch Practitioner |  Certified Hypnotist